The Spread Eagle

This week, we’re back (from our lengthy hiatus following the theft of my phone and all my notes!) with a review of The Spread Eagle. This vegan pub is something of a novelty, but we wanted to know whether the food matches up to that appeal.

It’s quite a small space inside, so you’ll be lucky to find a table – booking ahead is strongly recommended. They were able to squeeze us in, which was nothing short of a miracle to hear the waitress tell it. read more


The Lady Luck Butternut Squash and Falafel Burger

The Lady Luck Butternut Squash and Falafel Burger

It’s another trip to the Lady Luck, and our favourite vegan/veggie haunt didn’t disappoint with another new special to try. Part of the fun is always finding out what is going to be on the blackboards, and this time it was a butternut squash and falafel burger.

Here’s how it was described on the menu:

Butternut squash + falafel burger, homemade + topped with a spiced apricot chutney + baby spinach in a homemade roll. Served with chips and vegan cacik. Vegan friendly. £9.95 read more


Lady Luck Portland Burger

Lady Luck Portland Burger

Yes, that’s right – we’ve been hitting up the Lady Luck again. And wouldn’t you know it – the Portland burger was their new special. It would have been rude not to give it a go, right?

So, this is what’s in it. It’s a soya burger with BBQ sauce, vegan cheese and onion rings, served on a homemade white roll with chips. It costs £9.95 and is vegan, but not gluten-free.

The burger starts with a very soft vegan bun that almost melts into the burger. This is a real speciality for the Lady Luck and is something we’ve seen in their burgers before. Next up comes the onion rings, which are crispy and fluffy: they put us in mind more of tempura batter than the “normal” onion ring batter you expect. The vegan cheese is very soft and melty, just perfect for a burger like this. It is also paired with the perfect smoky BBQ sauce, all tangy and fruity.

Then there’s the burger itself, which is very succulent. The texture and taste are great and this one definitely gets the thumbs up. It comes with the chips and salad we normally expect at the Lady Luck, which go great with it.

We also grabbed a new side to see what it was like: vegan poppers, which are supposed to be chicken poppers (if you couldn’t guess already). These are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, which makes them a tasty treat. They are served with a spicy sweet chilli sauce which very much puts us in mind of a known brand and probably is one and the same!

Finally, we finished it all off with some delicious ice cream and an apple pie. That’s pretty much my idea of heaven anyway, and boy did it deliver. I can’t even describe how tasty these simple apple slices were. It was all done just right, which I very much appreciated even if I felt too full to walk back to the car park.

Now onto the conclusion – and you can probably guess it’s going to be a positive one!

TASTE – 9.5/10 

PRICE – 7/10 



Birchwood Farm Spicy Veggie Burger

Birchwood Farm spicy veggie burger

Last year I brought you a review of the then-veggie burger at Birchwood Farm, and on this year’s visit I was pretty pleased to find that they have changed the menu! That means another veggie burger for me, and a new review for you.

There’s not a lot of information on the menu – all it has to say is this:

Our beef burgers are seasoned and served in a glazed seeded bun with seasoned fries, homemade coleslaw and a salad garnish.

Spicy Veg Burger £6.25 read more