Video: Mash-topped Mushroom and Swede Pie

Mash-topped mushroom and celeriac pie

This mushroom and swede pie is one of those classic cases where you start off with one thing and end up with another. This pie was originally going to be done to a recipe I had found, but with the one change of taking off the pastry and using mash as a topping instead. Then I realised I didn’t have some of the ingredients. I ordered celeriac,  but swede came instead. And after a while, I ended up making something that was totally different to what I intended – but almost certainly better. read more


O’Neills Halloumi Burger

O'Neills Mushroom and Halloumi Burger

Back when J and I were living 2 hours apart, we had a little routine when he would come to visit me. The O’Neills pub in St Albans featured heavily in this routine, as a place where we would often go to drink and eat. In fact, it’s where we went on the night we first got together, so there are plenty of memories there. We now live too far away to head back to that exact branch, but recently headed into London for a bit of Irish nostalgia at the King’s Cross venue. read more


Vine Recipe: Chicken and Mushroom Skillet

This recipe is so rich, you won’t want to stop eating it. We decided to try out a chicken and mushroom skillet because it’s the kind of recipe that normally you can really only do with real meat. How would it work with a meat substitute? We decided to give it a try, treating the Quorn chicken as if it was real chicken. read more


The Hop Pickers Mushroom Burger

We don’t usually head out to Ashford, but recently managed to meet my parents there while they were on the way to France. Next to the  hotel where they were staying is a conveniently located pub with a rustic atmosphere, The Hop Pickers. The menu is fairly limited, so it’s a good job they had one thing that appealed instantly: a mushroom burger. read more


Maxwells: Veg-Out Burger

I have to introduce you to my new favourite place to eat. Reader, meet Maxwells. 

Well, alright, when I say eat, I really mean drink. But to be fair, a drink at Maxwell’s is sort of like a meal anyway. Case in point: their freakshakes, which are really just desserts with a liquid component. Here’s the oreo freakshake, topped with an ice cream sandwich, layers of cream, and broken up oreos, and with an oreo milkshake on the inside. read more


All Star Lanes – Goats Cheese Stack

On a recent trip in the Brick Lane area, the pull of All Star Lanes was too much to resist. This glorious little slice of London is a bowling alley, karoake bar, and American-style diner all in one, and it’s definitely right up my alley (ha!). We had a couple of burgers there, but first let’s discuss the one that’s currently on the menu: the Goat’s Cheese Stack. read more


Asda Mushroom and Spinach Polenta Bakes

This is probably the “burger” with the longest name I’ve tried yet. Not only does it have a long name in the first place, but it also has a subtitle. This is the Asda Mushroom and Spinach Polenta Bakes with creamy mushroom sauce – and believe me, the packaging is a lie. Yes, alright, the bake does look sort of like that, but that’s about one-tenth of the sauce there, and since there are only two bakes in the packet, I guess the other plate was swimming. read more


Vine Recipe: Mushroom Nut Loaf

Recently we decided it was time to do the proper Sunday lunch thing. Let’s have a traditional veggie nut loaf, we thought – something to enjoy with roast veggies and mash! I tracked down this amazing recipe, which was so easy to make and so, so rewarding. Give it a try if you are after that classic Sunday dinner that is going to last you days and days! read more


Vine Post: BB8 Pizza

Like pretty much everyone else, J and I have both seen the new Star Wars film and loved it. It’s an exciting time for the franchise, and after seeing some really creative BB8 cakes, we wanted to get in on the action. That’s why we decided to create a BB8 homage that is true to our tastes… a pizza! read more