Tesco Mexican Style Beanburgers

Tesco Mexican Style Bean Burgers

Today, I wanted to talk about a burger which you can buy from the frozen section of Tesco, and which I’ve eaten quite a lot of over the years thanks to the fact that it is convenient to buy and doesn’t taste bad. Although we try to stay away from the higher calorie vegetarian stuff when shopping these days, we do occasionally treat ourselves to something like the Tesco Mexican Style Beanburgers. Sometimes – like the time I’m reviewing today – we’ll eat them just normally as you would any burger, and sometimes we’ll cut them up after cooking into small bite sized pieces, which you can scatter over a salad to make the tastiest croutons available. This is a bit more of an interesting way to eat a veggie burger if you are just starting out as a vegetarian and struggling to find variety. It also brings a bit more flavour and means that you’re not just stuck with boring salad night after night! read more