Video: Buddha Bowl Filo Parcels

Buddha bowl filo parcels

This week’s recipe is a twist on a classic – as you know we love to do. We started out thinking about a Buddha bowl, and how to put it together in an interesting way. After seeing them cooked as parcels in the oven, we were pretty disappointed to find out they weren’t served as parcels – and thus this idea was born. read more


A Very Vegetarian Christmas

Every year, people ask me what it is like to have a vegetarian Christmas. What is it like? What do we eat? Do we have a traditional Christmas dinner or something more unusual? The purpose of this post is to illustrate what a typical meal might be for us at Christmas time, although we always eat something different year on year. My Mum always cooks for us, using a combination of recipes she finds leading up to the date and her own inspiration, as well as a few classics which come back time and time again. read more