Bounce Energy Balls

This post has been a long time coming! We had a fantastic gift from Bounce which included a full range of their energy balls, from their normal range to the vegan V-Life options and also the bigger packs. You can see the box as it was delivered below! read more


Video: Bounce Unboxing

We received this massive parcel from Bounce in the post, and we have to say we are SO looking forward to working our way through it! We did an unboxing video so you can see what we got, with all of the details. Watch it below:

We’re going to be bringing full reviews of all of these Bounce products and lots more details, so stay tuned for more! 

You can follow us on Instagram to catch some sneak peeks of the Bounce range as we try each individual flavour, and later on, you can expect a full round-up post detailing what each is like. 


SNACT: Vegan Fruit Jerky and Banana Bar

SNACT Vegan Fruit Jerky and Banana Bar

This week we thought we’d try a special offer that we heard of through Sweatcoin. Snact are a company putting vegan snacks together mostly through the power of fruit, and they prepared a snack pack for Sweatcoin users to purchase at a discounted rate.

I actually didn’t take up the discount, simply because the offer was cheap enough (£3 including shipping) to just go ahead and buy it – I’m saving the coins for something bigger! The pack arrived within a few days, consisting of a packet of fruit jerky and a banana bar.

The jerky is definitely a new experience. J has been hanging on to his jerky as one of the last non-veggie things he eats, and he was pleasantly surprised to try this version. It fits the bill for him, so we can’t say fairer than that! The jerky is quite chewy and has a tangy blueberry flavour that really stands out. I couldn’t really taste the apple or the banana, but in the back of my mind there was a certain knowledge of the texture and that they had to be in there somewhere.

There’s not a huge amount in the bag, so it did disappear quickly. I also noticed that while there were mostly rectangular-cut pieces of jerky that looked fairly uniform, there were also a lot of scraps at the bottom of the bag. These were all shapes and sizes, including some ridged pieces. They aren’t too thick, but you can see and taste that there’s a lot packed into each piece.

The banana bar was a lot less banana-flavoured than I was expecting, interestingly enough. Snact describes it as having a cinnamon ‘kick’, and I would agree with that. It’s not exactly spicy, but you can tell it’s there – and that’s good for your insides for sure!

These snacks are quite interesting, and I would say they’re a step up from the dried fruit products I would eat when I was at school. They have something that non-vegans might also appreciate, with the interesting flavours and textures. They aren’t hugely different from other brands that I’ve tried at festivals, but I would say that their branding is fantastic – and that might just push them further than a unique product could.


Vine Post: Peanut Butter Energy Balls

Is there anything that peanut butter can’t do? I ask that seriously. These energy balls are absolutely amazing, there are only five ingredients in them, and they pack a mighty punch. You will find plenty of nutrients as well as a great little energy boost if you need it, and you don’t even have to do any cooking. Literally, this is probably the simplest piece of food you will ever create.

Take a look at the recipe here if you don’t believe me – it’s so easy it’s ludicrous!

Now here’s the Vine of how they’re made, in case you needed any visual aids!