Video: Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Chocolate-covered strawberries

With the hot weather we’ve been enjoying a lighter kind of food – lots of salads and fruit. This week we thought we’d share a simple treat which is a lot of fun to eat – and a lot easier to make than you probably think! Chocolate-covered strawberries are so delicious, we just had to film them for you. read more


Video: Almondies


This week we have something of an invention to share with: almondies, or almond blondies! We found a dessert in Canterbury which went by that name, and was delicious. This is not that dessert, and doesn’t even look remotely like it. Still, it’s a blondie packed full of almonds, so the name fits pretty well! read more


Vine Post: Banoffee Pie Jars

This week we have a sinfully good Vine to share with you. These banoffee pie jars were based on a Deliciously Ella recipe (that I won’t be reposting here), and they are SO GOOD. It’s hard to believe that such a small handful of ingredients can create this amazing taste, with a structure more akin to a cheesecake than a pie, all presented beautifully in a jar for good measure. read more


Vine Post: Baked Apples with Coconut Cream

So lately I’ve been trying to make more desserts, and these baked apples from the Deliciously Ella book caught our eye. As they’re from the book I won’t repost the recipe here, but you can read it elsewhere if you wish. 

What I will tell you is what I changed: instead of raisins and pecans, I used a dried fruit mix (like you would have in a mince pie) and skipped the nuts altogether. I also used normal sugar instead of coconut palm sugar. read more


Vine Post: Baked Bananas

This recipe for baked bananas is so simple, I’m not even including a recipe card. Take a look at our Vine and you will see just about everything you need to know for this delicious after-dinner treat!

First off, make sure that your bananas are nice and ripe. The riper the better, in fact! Don’t slice them all the way through, but just enough to cut through the flesh – you want the skin to hold together. The quantity isn’t so important but I used one date per banana and three squares of chocolate. read more


Vine Recipe: Apple and Honey Loaf

This one is adapted from one of the recipes in Deliciously Ella’s first book. I felt like we needed to have something sweet and as low-calorie as possible for after dinner, so I whipped up a batch! I adjusted a few details, as you will see, but this apple and honey loaf is still suitable for veggies. It’s no longer gluten-free as I used plain flour, but that’s a simple substitution if you want to try it. read more


Vine Post: The Revenant Bear Claws

So last night J and I went to see The Revenant. Wow. What a movie. If it doesn’t walk away with about 10 gazillion Oscars, there’s something wrong with the film industry. But besides the huge talents of Leonardo “Give Me Best Actor Already” Di Caprio and Tom Hardy, there’s another big star in the film: the bear. read more


Pudology Review


While visiting the BLFW event a little while ago, we were so thrilled to find a brand there which was actively creating healthy, vegan and veggie friendly puddings. Pudology make some delicious little pots which are easy to serve and eat, contain no meat or animal derived products, and are also gluten free.  read more


Where to Eat Veggie in Budapest

Recently, I spent some time in Budapest, and gathered plenty of information about where you can find the best vegetarian or vegan meals while you are there. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but is based on my own experiences – and I did a lot of research both beforehand and while we were there in order to find the best possible options throughout the week. There is a lot to cover here, so I will get started right away… read more