Video: Carrot and Coconut Energy Balls

Carrot and Coconut Energy Balls

This recipe is one we’ve been really excited to share with you. These carrot and coconut energy balls are honestly the best energy balls or bites I’ve tasted. I tend to keep some in my bag whenever I go out in case I need a boost, so I’ve tried a fair few – both making our own recipes, following others, and purchasing them pre-made.  read more


Vine Post: Coconut Bacon

So, this one has been coming for quite some time. J has been itching to try his hand at coconut bacon (he’s on a desperate hunt for a flavour that is as close to real bacon as possible), and he finally got the chance last week. Since then we’ve had another batch made as it is just so unbelievably delicious – he even admits to preferring this flavour to the real thing, which is big praise from a bacon fanatic! read more


Vine Post: The Revenant Bear Claws

So last night J and I went to see The Revenant. Wow. What a movie. If it doesn’t walk away with about 10 gazillion Oscars, there’s something wrong with the film industry. But besides the huge talents of Leonardo “Give Me Best Actor Already” Di Caprio and Tom Hardy, there’s another big star in the film: the bear. read more