Vine Recipe: Veggie Pumpkin Chili

This week’s recipe heralds something we’ve been waiting for with bated breath – the return to pumpkin season! We absolutely loved cooking all of our pumpkin recipes last year and this one couldn’t come quickly enough.

We decided to start out with a traditional winter warmer recipe, given a little twist to bring in that pumpkin flavour. We made it vegetarian too of course! This veggie pumpkin chili is fun to make and so easy, and it tastes great. I don’t like my chili to be watery at all so this has quite a thick texture – if you prefer it a bit thinner, you can add water or vegetable stock. read more


Recipe: Chili Bean Cakes

So, hopefully you spotted our Vine on Monday – the chili bean cakes which we have been raving about this week! We just had to set aside a bit of special space for these to explain the recipe and tell you a bit more about them. They are so fresh and tasty that they absolutely need to be shared, so make sure that you give this one a try if you are a veggie burger fan. read more


Vine Post: Chili Bean Cakes

This week we’ve got one of our favourite things to share with you: a new veggie burger recipe! This one is adapted from a cookbook simply titled “Vegetarian” which I’ve had since my student days but never really delved too much into. Before you get too excited, I’ll be bringing you the recipe and review on Wednesday – for now we’re just going to take a look at the tasty, tasty Vine! read more