Chik’n Not So Chik’n Sandwich

Chik'n Not So Chik'n

We were in London recently and stopped off at Chik’n to try their Not So Chik’n sandwich (or a burger, to you and me). We found them on Baker Street, not far from the tube, and got our orders in.

It’s very much a fast food experience in that you place an order at the till, stand and wait for your food to come out, and then sit and eat or take it away. However, I did find the staff very attentive, offering to bring the tray over for us and checking that everything was fine with our order. 

We picked up the following:

NOT SO CHIK’N: Veggie Chik’n, Lettuce, Buttermilk & Herb Mayo, Pickes – 5.45


FREESTYLE SODA – 2.75 read more


Cafe SoVegan Mac Daddy and Fully Loaded Herby

Vegan mac no cheese

Last weekend at the Vegan Summer Fest Brighton we managed to pick up a couple of delectable vegan burgers from Cafe SoVegan. Out of all of the burger stalls on offer they looked the most appealing, so we dove right in!

I couldn’t choose between the Mac Daddy and the Fully Loaded Herby, but helpfully they had a few samples on hand for us to try. Unhelpfully, they were both absolutely delicious, which did not help my dilemma. In the end, J went for the Mac Daddy and I had the Fully Loaded Herby, with a side of Mac No Cheese to make up for it. Here’s a few descriptions from the stand:

Mac Daddy: Southern style chick’n burger, topped with salad, mac no cheese + crispy onions. £7

Fully Loaded Herby: Basil, oregano + thyme patty with cheese, bacon, salad and SoVegan sauce. £6

Mac No Cheese: Jumbo macaroni in creamy ‘cheese’ sauce topped w/ crispy onions. £4 read more