Thames River Cruise Lunch

Thames River Cruise Lunch

Recently we went on our second Thames cruise for lunch and a tour – always a bit of fun and a chance to see some of the best bits of London from the water. We opted for a full table of vegetarian meals, which was a bit of a rub from the beginning as they served us last after the entire rest of the boat had been served. read more


Vine Post: Banoffee Pie Jars

This week we have a sinfully good Vine to share with you. These banoffee pie jars were based on a Deliciously Ella recipe (that I won’t be reposting here), and they are SO GOOD. It’s hard to believe that such a small handful of ingredients can create this amazing taste, with a structure more akin to a cheesecake than a pie, all presented beautifully in a jar for good measure.

I couldn’t get enough of this recipe, although the quantity we made here was far too much to eat in one sitting. The flavours are so rich that by about halfway through the pot we both started to feel a bit sick – and that’s with some leftovers that didn’t fit in the jars too.

If I make this again, which I probably will, I’m going to make one key adjustment. I’m going to skip the base. I could hardly believe my eyes when I worked out how many calories were in each jar as a whole, and the base is the main culprit. Honestly, you could probably crumble up shortbread and still have a lower calorie option. It was ridiculous. Just be very cautious of that if you are trying to eat healthy.

Here’s our Vine so you can see these delicious banoffee pie jars in action!


#BLFW: Bloggers London Fashion Week 2015


I recently took part in the Blogger’s Fashion Week day, which was held at OXO2 and featured some amazing brands and opportunities. I will be adding some food-specific reviews from some of those brands later on, but for now I wanted to feature the day itself. We were greeted by a plethora of opportunities to interact with brands – racks of beautiful clothes and lingerie, free manicures and beauty sessions, food and drink to try, non alcoholic cocktails, and a ton of samples to help us get to know the products. I was particularly excited to see a lot of luxury French designer lingerie brands I usually check at Juste Moi website.

J quite naturally went along with me, and we were able to pick up a lot of opportunities both for this blog and for my photography blog. He even picked up some skincare which is especially for men, which made him quite happy! I got a manicure which really made me as happy as anything, as I love having my nails done. I had Shoreditch by True Brit applied, a sparkly black which went well with the dress theme of all black chic.

We also bumped into Pudology, Berrywhite, and Nosh – all of whom I will be talking about here soon as their products are veggie friendly! I am so looking forward to trying everything. We attended two different sessions at the venue and both were fantastic, including catwalk shows where some of the clothing and accessories brands got to showcase their work.

For lunch, we stopped off at the Gourmet Pizza Co, which is just down the road. Honestly, we go to the National Theatre regularly but had never realised that this place was just a short walk away. We normally head in the opposite direction for food, but we may just have to rethink that now we know where to get some reasonably priced and delicious veggie pizzas!

We started off with a mozzarella garlic bread to share. It was topped with garlic oil and caramelised red onion chutney, and it was DELICIOUS. It was a little late coming out as there was a mix up with our order, but the staff were very apologetic and more than made up for it. We had great views around the Oxo Wharf and had so much to talk about from the first part of the event that we didn’t really mind. And the food was worth the wait – this garlic bread was amazing, and only £4.15.

Next we went on to our main course! J went for a fiorentina, while I had a grilled vegetable and goat’s cheese pizza. Mine was the most expensive at £10.95, and I loved every bite. There was sweet caramelised onion, succulent grilled aubergines and courgettes, juicy roasted red peppers, and goat’s cheese as well as mozzarella. J was happy with his too, which made us a pair of very satisfied bloggers. There’s not much in life we enjoy more than pizza (except maybe veggie burgers), and these were done just right. I always instantly regret ordering pizza in a restaurant because I forget how difficult I find it to cut it up with my weak hands, but I soldiered through and ate the lot.

After such an amazing main course, it was time to go for dessert. We still had time to kill, and the honeycomb cheesecake with vanilla ice cream was perfect. It’s actually not showing on their online menu at the moment, but it was seriously tasty with pieces of chocolate covered honeycomb layered throughout the creamy cake. Add a crunchy biscuit base and lashings of chocolate sauce and you’re in cheesecake heaven.

We had quite a good haul at the end of the night – you can see more images on my Instagram – and a lot of great ideas for upcoming blog posts. All in all, it was a fantastic day out and something that we would love to do as often as possible. We’ve been talking to a few brands about what we can do to put together something special, so keep your eyes peeled! For the next couple of weeks we’ll be in France too, so there are plenty of exciting posts to come!