Smokey’s Spicy Bean Burger

Recently, we were in Brighton for the day and decided to top it off with a veggie burger. There are a lot of great veggie and vegan options in this city – we’re planning a round-up sooner or later – so narrowing it down was tough. We eventually settled on Smokey’s, which is a bit of a weird one. It’s downstairs – we actually walked past it at first because we didn’t expect to be looking downwards to find it – and despite the American BBQ theme, actually looks more like a traditional English pub inside, albeit with Spanish-language film posters. It’s a strange vibe but quite a nice one, and we settled in well after walking through the rain to get there. read more


Recipe: Chili Bean Cakes

So, hopefully you spotted our Vine on Monday – the chili bean cakes which we have been raving about this week! We just had to set aside a bit of special space for these to explain the recipe and tell you a bit more about them. They are so fresh and tasty that they absolutely need to be shared, so make sure that you give this one a try if you are a veggie burger fan. read more


Sainsbury’s Smoky Mexican Bean Burger

Sainsbury's Smoky Mexican Bean Burger

This week we tried out the Sainsbury’s Smoky Mexican Bean Burger. This is something that sounds and looks quite generic, to be absolutely honest – how many Mexican bean burgers do you reckon I’ve eating in my life? It has got to be quite a high number, so something like this really has to stand out in order to impress me. read more