Quorn Three Cheese Chicken Crispbakes

It’s always fun to try something new from an established brand, and these Quorn three cheese chicken crispbakes caught our eye right away. They’re part of the Quorn frozen range and present an easy option for those busy weeknights.


Quorn three cheese chicken crispbakes
Quorn three cheese chicken crispbakes

They come in at 160 calories each, which certainly qualifies them as a lighter burger. This is great for those who want to have a burger but still watch their weight. The way they are formed means that you can easily eat them on their own, without a burger: the outer crust is very crispy and they hold their form well after cooking. It is not too thick or hard when you bite into them, however. They have a sticky texture on the inside, much as you might expect from melted cheese, as well as chunks of potato.

Quorn three cheese chicken crispbakes
Quorn three cheese chicken crispbakes

One thing that certainly disappointed me about these was the chicken. There’s actually very little of it in there, and it seems as though the manufacturing process doesn’t always keep it situated right in the middle. I actually ate probably 80% of my first one before I found any chicken, and then it was disappointingly small.

There is a LOT of cheese – very gooey and stringy, and as you can see above, it oozes out when you cut into them. They are also coated with a generous amount of herbs, and a stong flavour of chives. Even so, the taste manages to be somewhat wishy-washy, and not as cheesy as you would expect. It’s hard to describe, but there’s just nothing really substantial about them. They will fill you up, but it’s hard to say that they would satisfy you.

One thing they do offer is a good compromise. For a couple like us – one who wants to replace meat, and one who doesn’t mind missing it – they have a balance of a small amount of meat replacement with the rest made up of other flavours.

All in all, I’m disappointed in the end product given the name and description. If they were advertised differently, I might like them a bit more – but I can’t help but wish there was more chicken involved.


TASTE – 5/10

PRICE – 5/10



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