Quorn Sausage Patties

Today we’re looking at the Quorn sausage patties. These are a relatively new addition to the range, but we’ve already been enjoying them quite extensively. You might remember them from our burger bakes on Instagram, where we used them as an alternative to the pulled pork burgers!

Quorn sausage patties
Quorn sausage patties

They are fantastic for a lot of reasons. First of all, they are very low in calories: just 53 per burger. Which is pretty amazing, really. Secondly, they are very quick and easy to cook. If you don’t fancy turning the oven on, you can cover them in clingfilm and put them in the microwave for pretty perfect results. In fact, when making burger bakes, one of my favourite things is to use these in the microwave and then pop the whole lot in the oven. It reduces the overall cooking time massively!

Quorn sausage patties
Quorn sausage patties

So, what are they like? They are pretty chewy and also fairly juicy, which is good news for not having drymouth halfway through your burger. They are very thin, but as they are intended for a lighter meal and particularly for breakfast, that isn’t too much of a problem. They are filling all the same, and for those hot summer days, they will definitely be a good way to get your burger fill without feeling too full. They do taste pretty much like the Quorn sausages, so if you’ve tasted those, you will know what to expect.

Quorn sausage patties
Quorn sausage patties

We’re keeping these in stock in our freezer for the foreseeable future, as a fantastic alternative to bigger and more calorific burgers.


TASTE – 7/10

PRICE – 5/10



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