Recipe: Mexican Veggie Burger with Coriander

After trying a couple of recipes recently, I decided to work on my own veggie burger recipe. Although the results weren’t perfect, I’m sharing the recipe and how it turned out here. I’ll also mention how I would change it in the future. If you decide to give it a try yourself or make any changes, let me know how it goes! I’d be interested to see if anyone could refine it a little and eliminate some of the issues that I experienced. read more


Mildred’s Burger of the Day

Mildred's Burger of the Day

This was something really exciting for me, because I’ve never been to a full vegetarian restaurant before. Mildred‘s serves vegetarian and vegan choices, and is quite busy normally as you can’t book a table in advance. It’s a little cramped inside, but we managed to get a table to ourselves, and the food was absolutely worth it. We were told to try turning up a little later as that would reduce the wait, and we did not queue for long. Looking at the menu was ridiculous. This is the first time I’ve been able to choose anything I want from a whole menu! I could barely decide. But, since I knew it would be something I could talk about here, I eventually went for the burger of the day. As it was a special occasion, I also started out with tortelloni as an appetiser. read more


Recipe: Mexican Veggie Burger

Mexican Burger from Delicious Magazine

I wanted to try a homemade Mexican veggie burger recipe, so I took a look around online and found my way to a post by Delicious. It looked good enough and seemed easy to make, so I decided to go for it. I did make a few tweaks to the recipe based on what I had in the cupboard and personal taste, so I will list my version of the recipe below. read more


TGI Fridays – Veggie Sandwich

I’ve been to TGI Fridays a couple of times, although the last time was a while ago. I don’t know whether they have changed their menu recently, but I certainly remember having a much better meal the first time I went. Whether the food has changed, or whether it was the fault of the particular chefs, I’m not sure – but I expected a bit more from this burger, or “sandwich” as they call it, than I got. To start with, it was brought out first with the wrong fries, and out of a table of eight there were four mistakes when they brought the food out, with another plate arriving very late. Three out of eight is not a good start. read more


Nandos Beanie Burger

Nandos Beanie Burger
When I go to Nandos, I always have the Portobello mushroom and halloumi option. Well, almost always. It’s actually been a while since I was there, and there are a few more vegetarian options available now, so I decided to try out the beanie burger and see what it was like. On this occasion I ordered it to come with two sides – chips and garlic bread. I also went for the medium sauce, although I would normally have the mushroom burger plain. Unfortunately, once the plate came, I began to wish that I had ordered the mushroom like normal: the burger is quite thin, without much substance to it at all. It is also soft and chewy with what I would almost describe as a stringy cheesy texture, though this is not so much carried over to the taste. With a bland flavour, it was up to the appearance of the burger itself to tell me exactly what was in it. Looking closely I could see sunflower seeds, sweetcorn, some kind of leaf, and not much else. The rest was just a brown, vague mush. The bread was easy to chew but with a hard crust – I actually quite like the Nandos bread, although I do sometimes find that the rough edges can be a bit sore on the inside of your mouth. Inside the bun you do however find a nice large lettuce leaf, as well as the medium sauce dressing. Even though it is rated only at medium, it is still spicy, and can overpower the taste of the rest of the meal. This is why I usually have mine plain, just so I can taste the flavours of what I actually ordered instead of only being able to taste the sauce. The bread in the burger bun is the same as the garlic bread, which is actually probably the nicest part of the meal. Any tougher and it would be hard to eat, so the consistency is good. It is not overpoweringly strong garlic, however, which is a great thing for those who do not like it too strong. Personally, I could probably go for a little more garlic on there. The chips are your average restaurant chips, fine to eat but certainly nothing special. All in all, though the meal was filling and the sides were tasty, I would say that I was disappointed with this burger. Next time, I’ll stick with what I know.

On the VegBurge scale, I give this…

Taste – 5/10

Price – 4/10

Rest of experience – 5/10


Smith and Western – Rodeo Ranch

Smith and Western - Rodeo Ranch

A while ago I went to the Smith and Western in Tunbridge Wells and tried their Prairie Meat Free Burger, and recently I went there again to discover that their menu had changed. They now offer you the chance to swap the meat version of any of their burgers for a vegetarian one, which means a lot more options are now available to you. However, the price does not go down for any of the swaps, so in essence you still have to pay meat prices whether you’re eating it or not, which is frustrating. The prairie burger that I reviewed before is no longer available, however, the burgers do still come with coleslaw and a choice of normal fries, curly fries, or wedges as before. read more


Revolucion de Cuba – Spicy Bean Burger

Revolucion de Cuba - Spicy Bean Burger

I was in Norwich over Christmas and had time to stop off at the Revolucion de Cuba bar and restaurant for lunch. Their Spicy Bean Burger is £10, and the description on the menu reads: “black beans, cannellini beans, sautéed peppers and onions mixed with Cajun spices, then breaded, deep fried, and topped with mango salsa.” It also came with chips in a mug, pickle, some beetroot slices, and paprika and rum flavour mayonnaise, all served on a wooden board. read more


Gourmet Burger Kitchen Californian

The Gourmet Burger Kitchen has been on my wishlist ever since I started this blog, and we had the chance to try it out recently. I went for the Californian, which costs £8.75 and is described on the menu as follows: “Homemade & pan-fried bean patty, mature cheddar, avocado, smoked chilli mayo, crispy onions, relish, salad.” I also went for the sweet potato fries, and shared a side of onion rings. Along with this I ordered the peanut butter milkshake.  

Recipe: Sweet Potato Veggie Burger

Sweet Potato Veggie Burger Recipe

I am quite excited to have my first recipe post to share with you, and to report back on how it worked out for me. I found this recipe online by Kathy Patalsky, and wanted to try it right away. We love sweet potatoes and cook with beans and spinach all the time, so it seemed like a perfect fit! I changed a few small details in the recipe, so I will record exactly what I put in and how I cooked it here. I actually even forgot a stage or two, so I will reproduce the recipe here with my changes added. read more


Burger King – Veggie Wrap

Burger King - Veggie Wrap

When you head to a Burger King, as a vegetarian, there are two options: the veggie burger, or the veggie wrap. As we are about to see, those two options are not so very different after all. One of the things that always has and always will annoy me about restaurants and fast food venues is the lack of choice for those who do not wish to eat meat; given the increasingly large number of vegetarians and vegans in the country, and also the factor that not everyone who does eat meat wants to eat it at every meal, you would think there would be more on offer. But instead of the wide range of options of fillings, burger buns or wraps, salad accompaniments, sizes, and so on that carnivores get, for vegetarian diets, there are just these two. read more