Mildred’s Burger of the Day

This was something really exciting for me, because I’ve never been to a full vegetarian restaurant before. Mildred‘s serves vegetarian and vegan choices, and is quite busy normally as you can’t book a table in advance. It’s a little cramped inside, but we managed to get a table to ourselves, and the food was absolutely worth it. We were told to try turning up a little later as that would reduce the wait, and we did not queue for long. Looking at the menu was ridiculous. This is the first time I’ve been able to choose anything I want from a whole menu! I could barely decide. But, since I knew it would be something I could talk about here, I eventually went for the burger of the day. As it was a special occasion, I also started out with tortelloni as an appetiser.

Mildred's Tortelloni
Mildred’s Tortelloni

This was described on the menu as, “fresh tortelloni filled with pumpkin and ricotta, with chestnut mushroom, white wine cream sauce, drizzled with truffle oil”. It was irresistible, and in fact I was quite tempted to get it as a main. There was altogether too much sauce to be satisfying, as I ended up with half of it left behind on the plate. However, the pasta itself was delicious. The filling was soft and tasty, and melted in the mouth. The mushrooms were prepared perfectly. I definitely would recommend this one, although it is very filling for an appetiser.

Mildred's Burger of the Day
Mildred’s Burger of the Day

As for the burger, this was selected from the daily specials. There is a different burger available each day, though I would assume that they do rotate some of the same recipes around a bit. This one was described as, “puy lentil, black olive, roast pepper, smoked tofu”. It’s served “in sour dough bun with relish, red onion, rocket and tomato with fries and basil mayo”. This came in at £9.35, with an extra £1.50 charge for sweet potato fries to be swapped for the normal fries.

Mildred's Burger of the Day
Mildred’s Burger of the Day
I don’t really like olives, so I was a tiny bit worried about that part. However, even though the olive taste was strong, it was also really good. It took away the texture which I hate and just retained a salty, smoky flavour. The burger itself was actually really tasty. It also came with the sweet, smoky, and spicy relish, which I could eat on its own from a jar. Seriously, that is good relish. Not only that, but the other dip – the delicious basil mayo – was also just sublime. I was pretty happy with those, enough that I could have forgiven faults with the burger itself. The fact that there were none just improved the experience all the more! The sweet potato fries were all crispy but soft and juicy in the middle, to the point where I didn’t even want to put them in the mayo because I wanted to taste that full flavour on its own. The burger was filled with a good amount of rocket and red onion,  but not too much that it would overpower the rest of the flavours.


One criticism was that the tomato was far too big for the bun, but of course you know by now that I just have a thing about raw tomato. I don’t understand why it still has a place in burgers of any kind, particularly so when you are at a more progressive restaurant such as this one. The sourdough bun was a little too tough for chewing or cutting, which did cause me a few problems. The burger was very large but hard to cut also, so it was tough to eat at times. I managed to do it without a knife and fork, but I think this is one area that they could improve.


Overall, I loved the experience. It was so amazing to be able to choose anything that I was almost overwhelmed. The service was friendly and there was a good atmosphere too. This is one place I’ll be visiting again for certain.
The Big Easy Veggie Burger
The Big Easy Veggie Burger
On the VegBurge scale, I give this…
Taste – 8/10
Price – 6/10
Rest of experience – 9/10

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