Halloween Dinner Party 2018

We’re going back a good few months now, to October 2018 and our Halloween dinner party. I haven’t yet shared what we ate, but I wanted to get it out nice and early next year so that it’s here for inspiration when October comes again!

We had a small party only, but it was nonetheless pretty successful and I’m confident I will be able to easily scale things up this year. We picked up some props – a bloody tablecloth, a bucket supposed to be used for trick-or-treating, some skeletons and bats around the house and table, and a skull designed to hold test tubes full of alcohol!

As for the food itself, this is my menu:

  • Quorn hot dog ‘fingers’
  • Cream cheese and olive-topped baked mushroom ‘eyeballs’
  • Tortilla nacho and black food colouring ‘gravestones’ in a black bean chilli and sour cream ‘graveyard’
  • Homemade margherita pizza with ‘spider’ and ‘spooky face’ olives
  • Gherkin, pepper, carrot, cheese, and olive raw ‘rat entrails’
  • Gory green pesto houmous
  • Tropical punch (complete with floating ‘head’ ice cubes)
  • Test tube vodka shots
Halloween Dinner Party
Halloween Dinner Party

Everything was actually pretty straightforward to make. The pizza was from a base recipe with the toppings simply cut and laid out in certain patterns. The hot dogs were cooked and then cut/marked to look like fingers. The chilli was just a la our normal Mexican bowls, and the gravestones simply had ‘RIP’ written with a black food colouring pen. The punch was the only “special” recipe… I came up with it on the day by coming orangeade with some apple and raspberry fruit juice!


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