Giraffe – Falafel Deluxe Burger

For my first review, we decided it was time for a treat and headed straight from work last Friday to Bluewater. We’d never been to Giraffe before so decided to give it a try, particularly since they have two different veggie burgers on the menu. We started off with a Bruschetta Bites sharing platter.

Giraffe Bruschetta Bites Platter
Giraffe Bruschetta Bites Platter

Half of the bites are olive, and half are pesto, and they were delicious – especially the pesto ones. They were quite crumbly, but went down nicely. I also had the refreshing cloudy lemonade with mint, which went very nicely with the whole meal – especially the spicy dip, which I will get on to in a moment! Overall there was a nice atmosphere with great quirky music, mostly in Spanish, with some interesting covers thrown in for good measure.

Now to the really interesting part: the veggie burger! I went for the Falafel Deluxe Burger, and it was definitely a good choice. There is another veggie burger on the menu, which will have to wait for another time! I also took the upgrade to sweet potato fries for £1, which were well worth it. Not only are they just as delicious as expected, but also a great addition to the overall taste of the burger. The plate came with a spicy dip called harissa as well – it was great for dipping the fries, although perhaps a bit spicy for me. I tried the barbecue dip which comes with one of the other burgers (as eaten by my boyfriend, Jared), and much preferred it!

Falafel Deluxe Burger
Falafel Deluxe Burger

Now, the burger itself was far too large to eat with your hands, which is always something I’m conflicted about. Of course I love the fact that there is more food, but I also really love the feel of picking up the burger to take bites out of it. For me, that’s often part of the whole experience. Anyway, I ate this one with a knife and fork, and what it did mean was that I was able to take different bits of the burger at different times and really analyse the way all of the different flavours worked together.

Falafel Deluxe Burger
Falafel Deluxe Burger

I was initially thinking that I wouldn’t like the beetroot, but it was actually not too strong and therefore I really liked it. The cheese in the burger is also not too strong – it does have a sharp taste, but it does not overpower the other flavours of the burger, despite being a huge block (which I am not criticising – I love cheese!). I normally expect halloumi to be a bit stronger, and it didn’t quite have the expected texture either, but with a block this big I can see that the normal taste and texture may not have worked very well. The zingy flavour of the rocket bounced off everything well, though I would maybe have preferred a little less leaf – when you look at the burger, you can see that half the reason for the height is the rocket, and it was not something that was absolutely necessary in my opinion.

One big disappointment was not really being able to taste the houmous on the bun. I LOVE houmous and this was one of my big reasons for choosing the burger, but even when I scraped a bit off the bun with my fork I could only vaguely taste it. On the other hand, I normally dislike tsatziki, but in the case enjoyed it because it was not too strongly flavoured. I could taste the sauce throughout the bite even when I had everything else on my fork in one go, but it was still a nice flavour that I could enjoy.

There was not too much grilled pepper either, which was good news, and the bread was very soft so it went well with the interior. The falafels tasted just as expected and were very nice, although with four of them on the bottom of the burger it was actually quite hard to get a bite or even a forkful of them without bits flying everywhere. They were a bit too heavy for the burger to retain its shape! Overall it was a very nice meal and you could have a different flavour in every single bite, which made it quite exciting. At £9.85, it wasn’t a bad effort.

On the Vegburge scale, I give this…

Taste – 7/10

Price – 6/10

Rest of experience – 8/10


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