Georgia’s Choice Mexican Bean Bakes

This week we found something completely new in the supermarket! That’s not a very regular occurrence these days, so it was pretty exciting (and this is probably why I don’t get invited to many dinner parties). These Georgia’s Choice Mexican bean bakes looked too good to ignore, and the chance to try a new brand was something I just couldn’t pass up.

Georgia's Choice packaging
Georgia’s Choice packaging

I cooked them in the oven and served them up as burger wraps, one of my favourite ways to eat a burger as you may recall! They have a very orange colour which at first seems a bit off-putting, but of course that wasn’t enough to distract my attention from the taste. And my goodness, was there a taste.

After cooking
After cooking

I’m going to say right now up front that this is quite possibly the best bean burger I’ve ever eaten in my life. I can definitely say it’s the best one I’ve ever eaten from frozen, so if you want to pick something up to eat at home, keep an eye out for Georgia’s Choice.

Chopped up for wrap
Chopped up for wrap

The outside layer is crunchy, the inside very soft. Good start, and it only got better from there on in: they are spicy, satisfyingly so, but not so much that all of the flavour is burned away. There are chunks of red pepper and corn littered throughout the inside, letting you know that yes, this is a natural burger which contains real vegetables. It was warming and enjoyable. It was everything a bean burger should be.

Excuse me, I’m getting a bit emotional.


TASTE – 10/10

PRICE – 7/10



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