Review: Sensio Home Steamer

Sensio Home Steamer

This week, we’re looking at a new item we’ve added to our kitchen. We were given the Sensio Home Steamer in return for a review, but all thoughts below are our own.

The steamer, well, steams things. I know – crazy, right? But it’s actually really useful, because it gives you a set piece of equipment to get everything cooked in one go. We tested it out with a variety of veggies and some eggs: chopped broccoli on the bottom, then carrots with rosemary, and finally Brussels sprouts with three eggs. They weren’t all to be consumed at once… the eggs were for later, the veggies for Sunday lunch! read more


Review: Gordon Ramsay’s Masterclass

Gordon Ramsay's Masterclass

Normally we review food, but today is all about making it instead. I recently took Gordon Ramsay’s Masterclass, his online course teaching you the basics of becoming a master of the kitchen. He gives you the building blocks needed to rise to the level of a great chef. read more


A Very Veggie Christmas 2017

Christmas 2017

After sharing our Christmas meals with you in 20162015, and 2014, it’s time again for another festive round-up. Christmas 2017 actually came in two parts, as J was off to Australia to be a groomsman at a friend’s wedding – so we decided to have our own mini-Christmas in mid-December. read more


Food for Braces Guide

Food For Braces Guide

I’ve had my lovely adult braces in for four months now, so it seems like time to share what I’ve learned about food for braces. I read a lot before I had them put in about what not to eat, but I didn’t read a lot about what I could eat. There wasn’t much explanation of the logic behind it, either. read more


VegBurge Best of 2017 Awards

The Lady Luck Butternut Squash and Falafel Burger

It’s time for a look back at our year with the VegBurge Best of 2017 Awards. We’re giving props to the brands, restaurants, pubs, and burgers that deserve it. Without further ado, the announcements are as follows…

Best Recipe of 2017

This one is chosen by you lot. We analysed data from Instagram, Twitter, website stats, and YouTube to come up with the recipe that you loved the most. The winner is:  read more


Vegan Ribs: Lettices vs The Lady Luck

Lettices Vegan Ribs

It’s time for a new feature: a battle of the brands, with vegan ribs in the spotlight. We’ve been trying vegan ribs for a while now and have come to find two of the best – but how do they match up, and which is better? Let’s find out… read more


Food Matters Live Product Features

Food Matters Live: Go Bites

After our recent visit to Food Matters Live, we promised some product features. Today we’re looking at Go Bites, Froosh, Eat Lean, and Retro Corn – four of our favourites from the day. These brands took the time to talk with us and offer free samples so we could understand their products and their missions better. read more


Food Matters Live – Event Review

Food Matters Live haul

We recently attended Food Matters Live, which is a great food industry event with a lot going on. It’s a huge exhibition with brands from all areas of the food industry – from foods on sale in the supermarket, to foodservice products, through to science and innovation in manufacturing. read more


Brighton Viva! Vegan Festival Review

 We were at the fantastic Brighton Viva! Vegan Festival this weekend and had such an amazing time. It’s been more and more thrilling to attend these events – being around so much vegan food is really exciting, and offers us the chance to eat things we’ve never seen before. read more