Burger King – Veggie Wrap

When you head to a Burger King, as a vegetarian, there are two options: the veggie burger, or the veggie wrap. As we are about to see, those two options are not so very different after all. One of the things that always has and always will annoy me about restaurants and fast food venues is the lack of choice for those who do not wish to eat meat; given the increasingly large number of vegetarians and vegans in the country, and also the factor that not everyone who does eat meat wants to eat it at every meal, you would think there would be more on offer. But instead of the wide range of options of fillings, burger buns or wraps, salad accompaniments, sizes, and so on that carnivores get, for vegetarian diets, there are just these two.

Burger King - Veggie Wrap
Burger King – Veggie Wrap

The differences between the burger and the wrap are as follows:

1. The wrap comes in a box instead of being wrapped in paper

2. The wrap is a wrap instead of a burger bun.

3. The wrap has less cheese.

That’s it.

Burger King - Veggie Wrap
Burger King – Veggie Wrap

Basically, if you were expecting something different, you will be sorely disappointed. What you receive is the same veggie burger as normal, doubled up as normal, with the same amount of salad as normal. All this is bundled up in a wrap and has the same amount of mayonnaise as normal smeared on it. The only thing I can really say about this is that it is slightly easier to use if you want to make sure that you do not drop bits of the burger and salad while you are eating, since it comes wrapped up and in the box which you can keep sealed at one end. It is a bit awkward to open, however, with a pull strip right in the middle, forcing you to allow the top half to flop around as soon as you tear it off.

As for the taste and texture of the burgers themselves, I refer you to my earlier comments on the normal burger version.

On the VegBurge scale, I give this…

Taste – 6/10

Price – 6/10

Rest of experience – 4/10


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