The Breakfast Club, Islington Review

It’s time for another Wednesday review, and this time we headed for The Breakfast Club in Islington (not to be confused with The Breakfast Club in St Albans, which we have talked about previously).

Given that it had the same name as one of our favourite venues of all time, there was much excitement to try this cheery little cafe/restaurant. And it certainly is cheery, with a bright yellow facade and eclectic decor which includes lots of happy photos of customers.

Breakfast Club Veggie All-American
Breakfast Club Veggie All-American

The food comes in a wide range of options, all breakfast-centric but with all kinds of influences. I just had to go for the All-American, which is described on the menu like this: 

VEGGIE ALL AMERICAN (V) Pancakes, eggs, veggie sausage,
mushrooms, home-style potatoes & maple syrup £10.50

The plate was crammed full of food, almost too much to start the day with – but I’m always up for a challenge. Just to make it even more interesting, I also opted for a hot chocolate, which was thick as you like and very sweet.

Breakfast Club Veggie All-American
Breakfast Club Veggie All-American

The eggs were just right, and different for both of us. I visited with V, who always likes her eggs as solid as possible, and they were served as requested. The mushrooms were juicy and hot, and had a lovely earthy flavour. The potatoes were crispy and salty on the outside, but soft and fluffy on the inside.

The pancakes were absolutely delightful, and especially even more so with the sweet and thick maple syrup. I especially enjoyed the veggie sausage, which we spent a lot of time speculating about and trying to work out the recipe. All I can say for sure is that I would happily eat five of them, and they were amazing with the maple syrup too.

Breakfast Club Veggie All-American
Breakfast Club Veggie All-American

The food was great and I loved the experience as a whole. I enjoyed the little touches, such as the mismatched mugs, the polite but cheerful staff who were as friendly as they were attentive, and the wide range of veggie options on the menu.

This is one place that gets a thumbs up from me when it comes to breakfast. I recommend it, and you might just spot me going back there someday soon as well.


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