Bounce Energy Balls

This post has been a long time coming! We had a fantastic gift from Bounce which included a full range of their energy balls, from their normal range to the vegan V-Life options and also the bigger packs. You can see the box as it was delivered below!

We were really excited as we’d tried Bounce Energy Balls before and knew that we liked them – but we’d never had the opportunity to try all the different flavours.

This is the part where I have to apologise a bit as I had spent a long, long time going through each flavour by flavour and making detailed notes on flavour, texture, and the differences between them. I unfortunately lost all of those notes when my phone was stolen, so all I have left are the vague memories I have from trying them over months!

What I can say is that all of the Bounce Energy Balls are delightfully nutty. They can be chewier, tougher, crunchier, etc depending on the particular flavour that you pick out. Most if not all of them are nut-based, which gives the same kind of texture with ‘shards’ of nuts all around the outside of the ball.

Inside is often softer and denser. They do pretty well after being tossed around in a bag all day – or even all week – as I often find. I use them when I’m out and about and might need an energy boost, especially if I don’t know when I’ll be able to get lunch. They squish and change shape but they don’t usually crumble, and since they are densely packed anyway, they don’t appear to get smaller.

I would definitely rate the Bounce Energy Balls highly for giving that much-needed energy boost, being easy to access and carry around, and providing a wide range of flavours. Some are more exciting than others and that will largely be down to taste! Generally speaking, I’m a fan of these and would recommend them to others.


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