Birchwood Farm Spicy Veggie Burger

Last year I brought you a review of the then-veggie burger at Birchwood Farm, and on this year’s visit I was pretty pleased to find that they have changed the menu! That means another veggie burger for me, and a new review for you.

Birchwood Farm spicy veggie burger
Birchwood Farm spicy veggie burger

There’s not a lot of information on the menu – all it has to say is this:

Our beef burgers are seasoned and served in a glazed seeded bun with seasoned fries, homemade coleslaw and a salad garnish.

Spicy Veg Burger £6.25

As it’s not a beef burger, the description isn’t too comforting. Still, I pressed on.

Birchwood Farm spicy veggie burger
Birchwood Farm spicy veggie burger

So, the burger has quite a lot of elements. I saw spinach, lentils, pepper, red chilli peppers, and red onion, as well as the breadcrumbs on the outside. Overall it was actually very greasy and oily, not what I was expected at all – I’m guessing it was fried in a few inches of oil to cook it and then not drained properly. It was quite spicy to begin with, and over time built up to be very spicy indeed. 

The crispy and dark outside, which was perhaps a bit overdone, contrasted hugely with the sometimes slimy inner texture. There was just far too much oil in there to contend with, which made it not a pleasant taste or texture.

 The bread bun, a standard seeded style, was half stale and very chewy in places. The chips were also quite chewy and did not seem very fresh – I would guess from the texture that they had been reheated at least once if not multiple times. The bun was empty except for the burger, so I ended up filling it myself – a bit of salad or at least cheese or dressing in there would have made a whole lot of difference. 

The homemade coleslaw was barely worth mentioning for all of the impact it made.

Birchwood Farm spicy veggie burger
Birchwood Farm spicy veggie burger

To be honest, not a lot of effort seemed to go into the presentation of this meal. Everything was cooked in a hurry and slapped onto the plate without care or attention. I was in a pretty mild mood, and I’m not sure really why I didn’t send it back and complain even so. It’s a huge disappointment compared to their previous menu, and given that the pub was equally busy on both of our visits, the season can be no kind of excuse. 

I noticed a lot of unsatisfied customers during our meal, and saw more than one plate sent back to the kitchen. At this rate, it’s a wonder they stay so busy.


TASTE – 2/10

PRICE – 610



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