The Barn Halloumi Burger

The Barn is a pub and restaurant in Tunbridge Wells, and until recently there wasn’t much to speak of on the bar menu (there’s only so many nachos you can eat). But the recent addition of a halloumi burger to the menu meant we absolutely had to go and check out the changes. Here’s what the menu has to say about this item:

Halloumi (v) 7.95
Deep fried and served with a chilli sauce and chips

The Barn Halloumi Burger
The Barn Halloumi Burger

I had curly fries instead of the normal chips, because I’m just awkward like that. They were delicious, to a standard as expected from a pub. But we’re not here to talk about curly fries.

Halloumi burger
Halloumi burger

The burger was actually AMAZING. It was so much more than I was expecting. The halloumi was super salty and matched up perfectly with the sweet chilli sauce, which just brought out the flavours so well. There was some salad in the bun but to be honest I couldn’t really tell it was there – there were such large chunks of halloumi with so much sauce I could only distinguish those flavours. Same with the onion rings, which were gone in a couple of bites and couldn’t compete with the saltiness. The bun was a sticky-style brioche, and actually kept coming apart where my fingers stuck to it, but it was pretty taste. It was hugely filling, and so satisfying. I wasn’t expecting much, but this burger totally blew me away. I’m definitely going to be heading back to try it again sometime soon.


TASTE – 9/10

PRICE – 7/10



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