Vine Post: Avocado and Bacon Potato Hash

This recipe is a brand new one to us in many ways – I’d never bothered to cook potato from scratch like this before, as it’s just not something that features in our diet very often. But since trying out this potato hash recipe for the first time, we’ve gone on to make it again just a few days later, proving that it’s a new firm favourite. It’s absolutely delicious, and really moreish. The dressing especially makes this all the more special, though be careful not to use too much as it can overwhelm the taste. read more


Sugarsin: Veggie Sweets in Shoreditch

This week I wanted to tell you about some delicious sweets we have been snacking on ever since we last visited Shoreditch. In my photographic work I often spend a lot of time around the Shoreditch area, as I just love to shoot there. While walking along the Boxpark shop front after my last shoot day, we came across Sugarsin, a very appealing sweet shop. read more


5 Killer Veggie Cooking Tips

This week I wanted to let you know about some of my favourite cooking tips. When I started this blog I could just about cook pasta and not much else, but as I have experimented and grown I have picked up a lot of little quirks that make things easier or tastier. Here are my top five killer veggie cooking tips for vegetarians that have helped me so far. read more


Vine Post: Shakshuka

This little dish has become a serious favourite of ours since we first tried it a month or so ago. It’s become our go-to late-night, long-day, nothing-in-the-cupboards meal. It’s delicious, it’s filling, it’s moreish, and it’s also really very healthy. When you look at it that way, I’m not sure why we don’t eat shakshuka every day of the week. read more


Vine Recipe: French Pumpkin Bake

As part of our ongoing Pumpkin Month, our latest recipe to try was a variation on a French casserole. Normally made with butternut squash, this recipe works really well with pumpkin, either as a side dish or a main meal. I’d love to see this made part of a Sunday lunch with some veggies and a vegetarian roast! read more


Veggie Living: How to Snack Healthy

Healthy snacking

Eating healthy is all about making the right choices at the right times. Unfortunately, however, your body also needs to eat – and sometimes you get hungry in-between meals. It is tempting to deny yourself food in order to try to stay slim, but really, the best course of action is to choose healthy snacks. This prevents hunger and allows you to stay healthy, keeping your body fuelled up for longer and helping you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. read more


Vine Post: No-Bake Pumpkin Cake

No-bake pumpkin cake

As part of our ongoing Pumpkin Month, we made this absolutely amazing no-bake pumpkin cake. It is honestly my favourite thing right now, just the perfect little slice of warm and festive goodness to have either at lunch or as a dessert. It’s pretty wholesome with vegan ingredients, and it can be made gluten-free with a simple change as well. I ADORE this cake, so I’ve been really looking forward to sharing it with you! read more


Mildred’s Classic Burger

Mildred's Classic Burger

Recently, it was time for another visit to Mildred’s, our favourite veggie spot in London. This time, I decided to try the classic burger: smoked tofu, lentil, piquillo pepper in a focaccia bun with relish, rocket, red onion and tomato with vegan cheese. Vegan cheese! Tofu! Focaccia! I can’t explain the excitement. I also went for a side of sweet potato fries because, well, why wouldn’t you? read more


Vine Post: Pumpkin and Mozzarella Quesadillas

Quesadillas strike again! You already know we love Mexican food and especially these little folded and fried parcels of goodness, and so while we enjoy pumpkin month over on Vine, we just had to give these a go. I first found the recipe which inspired this meal over on The Kitchn, and it was definitely not something I could just click past. I mean, I seriously love three things: good cheese, quesadillas, and pumpkin. What wasn’t to like? read more