Asda Roasted Root Veg & Smoked Cheddar Bakes

It’s time to dip into our freezer section once again, with these gravy burgers which came from Asda. Their full name is the rather wordy Roasted Root Veg & Smoked Cheddar Bakes with Caramelised Onion Gravy. It’s always fun to try something new, and these definitely appealed, though long-time readers may know I’ve been somewhat disappointed with sauce accompaniments in the past.

Asda gravy burgers
Asda gravy burgers

The burgers come with a very sweet gravy, which is quite a nice change for us as we usually use quite a dark vegetable gravy. This helps to soften the outside of the burger as well, giving it a slightly different texture as you go through the layers.

Asda gravy burgers
Asda gravy burgers

The burger overall has a nutty, warming taste which is perfect for winter, so I’d recommend them more for later in the year. They have a slight spice to them, with a sweet chilli hint which goes nicely. There are big chunks of vegetables dispersed throughout which are also slightly mushy after cooking. I could see and taste broccoli, sweetcorn, and red pepper.

Asda gravy burgers
Asda gravy burgers

I’d say these burgers are quite pleasant, although they certainly aren’t groundbreaking and didn’t make me want to rush out and buy them again. They aren’t too memorable, but fine for a lazy winter’s day when you just need something easy to make that still feels a little more fancy.


TASTE – 5/10 

PRICE – 7/10 



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