Asda Mushroom and Spinach Polenta Bakes

This is probably the “burger” with the longest name I’ve tried yet. Not only does it have a long name in the first place, but it also has a subtitle. This is the Asda Mushroom and Spinach Polenta Bakes with creamy mushroom sauce – and believe me, the packaging is a lie. Yes, alright, the bake does look sort of like that, but that’s about one-tenth of the sauce there, and since there are only two bakes in the packet, I guess the other plate was swimming.

Asda Polenta Bakes
Asda Polenta Bakes

The preparation involves first putting the bakes in the oven, then defrosting the sauce in hot water. Finally, you combine the two by pouring the sauce haphazardly around, hoping that you aren’t ruining the taste by doing so. It’s a big trend at the moment to have this extra sauce packet, and I just hate it. It’s a waste of everyone’s time. We have the technology to put sauces INSIDE bakes, people. It’s been happening for a while now.

Asda Polenta Bake with mushroom sauce
Asda Polenta Bake with mushroom sauce

So, about the taste. The bake itself has a nutty, warm flavour with a cheesy taste. I wouldn’t say that you would notice it’s made of polenta unless you read the packet and knew. It just seems more like potato or that “mystery substance” that most veggie burgers seem to be made of (especially the cheap ones). It’s quite a thick slice even if it is somewhat small, so it manages to be quite substantial. It’s not very filling, however. I found myself wanting a bit more to eat, though probably not more of this bake. 

The mushroom sauce is quite rich and combines well with the flavours of the bake. I just still don’t get why they don’t make the bake that flavourful in the first place to get rid of all of this hassle. Notice also how the bake is not quite the perfect square as described on the packaging. Not that I’m surprised, it’s just that they really did a number on this one. They even served it on a tiny side plate to make it look huge, which it isn’t.

Asda Polenta Fake
Asda Polenta Fake

On the VegBurge scale, I give this…

Taste – 6/10

Price – 6/10

Rest of experience – 4/10


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