Asda Mac ‘N’ Cheese Burger

So here’s a new one. Mac n cheese… in a burger. We were half amused and half sceptical when we first spotted these in the supermarket. It’s a bit of an odd idea, so it would have to go either one of two ways. This has to be the best idea ever conceived, or the worst. 

Asda Mac n Cheese Burger Packaging
Asda Mac n Cheese Burger Packaging

Well, in reality, it’s probably somewhere on the mid-lower end of that spectrum. The burgers weren’t bad, per se. It’s nice to see something new on the shelves, and nice to try something new as well. But maybe macaroni cheese is something that is supposed to be served on its own, while a burger is something else entirely. And maybe we should start calling it macaroni cheese again instead of Americanising everything.

Asda Mac n Cheese Burger cooked
Asda Mac n Cheese Burger cooked

It’s certainly not as good as an actual macaroni cheese dish. The sauce just doesn’t have that strong cheesy taste that you expect. There is a lot of cheese in the breadcrumbs, but that’s kind of the opposite way around to how it should be. It needs more cheese overall to really earn the label. The texture of it is pretty weird – the breadcrumbs aren’t as crispy as you would have them on a normal burger or indeed a normal macaroni cheese. There is more crust than there is pasta – it’s certainly not as thick and full as you see in the image on the packaging. There is just one layer of pasta on the inside.

Asda Mac n Cheese Burger
Asda Mac n Cheese Burger

How to improve it? It definitely needs to be a thicker burger with more structure to it. Right now, it’s very crumbly and saggy, and it’s difficult even to transfer them from the baking tray to the plate without having them break into pieces. It’s too heavy to hold itself up, and this is after cooking in the oven. There is absolutely no way that you would get away with microwaving this.

All in all, this one promises much but leaves a lot to be desired.


TASTE – 4/10

PRICE – 5/10



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